Eberron Shenanigans

Bringing Everyone Together

This post sums up everything that happened before the first session to bring our small crowd of player characters together.

First let’s introduce our cast of characters.
Alira Anrah, a chaotic good human crusader of Dol Dorn, played by Lester
Guy Argyle, a lawful neutral half-elf hexblade adviser, played by Bryan
Heian Soundinghorn, a lawful good elf artificer and (former) shop owner, played by Wyndham.
Lynn Emberthistle, a chaotic neutral halfling spellthief infiltration specialist, played by Kevin.
Lynx Bertrand, a chaotic neutral changeling, man of many faces and partner in crime to Lynn, played by Alex K.
Octavian Margriff, a lawful good human freelance detective and cleric of Dol Arrah, played by Alex C.
Ramis Gedosh, a human lawful neutral warmage, played by Paul.

Wow, isn’t that a diverse group of characters. How did this all get started?
It all starts with a little magic shop in Sharn. Heian was opening up shop for his opening day, when he found a timed explosive about to go off. He grabbed his personal belongings and ran out of the shop just in time to save his own life. He is left with whatever he managed to grab, and an exorbitant debt on his head to pay back to a shady bank for the cost of opening his business, now reduced to rubble.

Ramis Gedosh was there to witness the explosion and ran over to help Heian up from the street. On the side of the road, underneath the remains of the store, they discovered the corpse of a young woman, but when the bomb went off, Heian was the only one in the building. Something was off. The media determined it to be an accident, and the girl was crushed by falling bricks in the aftermath of the bomb.

Octavian Margriff, the diligent and somewhat paranoid freelance detective and cleric of the Sovereign Host, saw through the headlines that the media was trying to cover up a murder. Someone had wanted this woman dead and he was going to find out who it was if it was the last thing he did. He grabbed his assistant Alira Anrah and performed a “thorough” investigation of the body – still left there in the rubble on the street, as no one cared about this poor of an area. Octavian eventually pins the blame on Sharn councilman Javan Tomollan, a politician with a strong reputation for not giving a care about the poor and needy of Sharn.

Meanwhile, Sharn Council elections are coming up, and Sorik Senso has given his adviser Guy Argyle the task of digging up some dirt on his political rival, Javan Tomollan. Guy seeks out infiltration expert Lynn Emberthistle, of House Tarkanan to break into Tomollan’s residence. Lynn recruits her friend Lynx Bertrand, a changeling with a knack for disguising himself. Lynx changes himself into a beautiful young escort and acts as a distraction to Tomollan while Lynn breaks in through an alternate entrance to go through his personal papers and dig up some dirty laundry.

While Lynn and Lynx are at Tomollan’s place, Octavian decides that it is time to make a citizen’s arrest and bring Tomollan in to the church for questioning, without realizing that the other group even existed. He took off with Alira acting as the muscle of the pair. They made their way past swarms of guards “on notice from the church” and broke down the front door, to see Tomollan with Lynx disguised as a woman. Octavian believes that “she” is to be the next victim, and the pair seizes her and runs out…

Find out what happens next after tonight’s session.

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